Growing up with a musician father and being one of seven children, Triton was exposed to artists like Clapton, B.B. King, Buddy Guy from his father and Nirvana, TLC, and The Red Hot Chili Peppers from his brothers and sisters. Early exposure to 90s culture led this Sacramento area native to find his roots in RnB and Alternative genres. 

During middle and high school Triton became fascinated with the art of songwriting and storytelling. Learning songs, writing songs, talent shows, art shows.


At the end of 2014, Triton moved to Boston, MA to pursue a higher understanding of his craft at Berklee College of Music. The next year, Triton released his debut EP “Like This”(2015). Then “Sure”(2016 EP), “Hire Me”(2018 EP), “What I Mean” live single(2019), and “Like This” live single(2020). Triton also has the pending Wayside EP due out this year(2020) and dozens of unrecorded songs in the vault.  You can follow the Music and Video tabs above to listen to past projects and check out some videos.


Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Videographer, Director, Multi-Instrumentalist, Editor, Writer, Producer, Creative Coordinator. A few titles Triton takes on, on any given day. Conveying messages of love, equality, and empowerment through romantic story telling, groove, visuals, and melody, Triton has a magnetic voice and captivating material that can create a vibe for any occasion.